Launch Day

6 months ago I picked up a hobby that has snowballed into a business. I want to start by thanking God and everyone who knew about this initially that helped me get to where I needed to be today. From choosing the jars, to figuring out how the logo would look, to assisting in finding different scents to work with, your feedback made Balmy Tallow’s first day at the Dallas Farmers Market successful. This truly would not have happened if not for you. So once again thank you.

There is more to come! Soon you’ll see lip balms, pomades, and more, all made with ingredients ethically sourced here in the US. For now, the focus is on building a brand worthy of your business. Balmy Tallow is slowly finding retail space here in Texas and then the country! Till then, all I ask is that you follow me on all the social media sites @balmy.tallow and stay tuned!

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